Psycho, a film done in 1960 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock captivates the mind. Though in present times, more psychological thrillers are being panned out, it is close to impossible to imagine how this piece was perceived in that decade to be nothing less that shear genius.

Psycho is a film about a demented killer who has a series of complex issues. Killing his mother and warped by the anguish Norman Bates creates a persona of his mother in his head. Norman kills Marion Crane, the short lived lead of the film. Marion had recently stolen $40,000 from her employer and so had a private investigator on her tail. A mysterious woman figure kills Marion as she showers in Bates Motel, a motel owned by Norman Bates who lives with his mother not too far from the motel. Bates hides Sam Loomis body as well as her car in a swamp to protect his mother who is believed to have done the stabbing.

The film progress with the introduction of the private detective, Marions sister Lila and Sam Marions lover. The private detective is killed and doesn’t return which further raises suspicion. As Lila reports the incident to the local police department a startling discovery that Normans mother had died ten years prior raises eye brows. Lila and Sam both determined to find out what happened to their beloved attend Bates Motel in order to figure out what happened. Attempting to act a as a couple who was just passing by Sam distracts Norman as Lila checks out the house where Norman and his mother supposedly live. After a dramatic thrilling process of Sam being nocked unconscious as Norman pursues Lila who finds Normans mothers dead body in the basement and is saved by Sam who fends of Norman I was awestruck.

Such a masterfully crafted piece where the killers identity and the person who tried to protect the killer was one in the same. It was reminiscent of films such as the 2010 blockbusters Shutter and Inception where different adventures happen inside the human mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this film as it kept me on edge till the very end.

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