Citizen Kane

A movie which was historic in its own right was Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles. Welles does an exceptional job creating a glamorous but dark and intriguing piece which focuses on Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper mogul who dipped his fingers into differing aspects of many interests he had in his life. Kane was never satisfied always creating and expanding, private mostly and concrete on making his life and business extravagant and successful.

The film is a series of clips showing reporters attempting to uncover all of Charles Foster Kanes secrets. Though they are successful with uncovering many dirty little secrets a stopping point is when each comes across the term Rosebud. Rosebud appears as a mysterious word, a secret that reached far deeper than any of Kanes associates had been able to uncover themselves. In the beggining of the film we see a sled “Rosebud” in Kanes childhood. The term “Rosebud” is in reference to childhood memories where Kane did not receive the adequate attention he longed for by his parental figures.

After some research I uncovered that Orrin Peck had given to Phoebe Hearst, the mother of William Randolph Hearst who the movie is actually modeled after, the nickname of rosebud. I read on to find that Orrin was closer to Phoebe than her own son William. Now as I thought back on the film i realized the complex that Kane developed. The constant need to fight for attention led to him thinking if he became a big enough success he’d never have to feel that way again. This film, i believe was an amazing piece which left me thinking, wondering and amazed at such subliminal messages.

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